Dominic Giampaolo

I'm Dominic Giampaolo. I program computers for a living.

For a long time I lived in Silicon Valley but now reside in Maine. I've worked for a number of different computer companies over the years: SGI, Be Inc., Google (briefly), and QNX. I started at Apple in 2002 and am still there.

One of my claims to fame is writing the Be File System. I also wrote a book about BFS called, "Practical File System Design with the Be File System". Since it's now out of print, if you click on the second link you can download a copy. I've also put a copy of the File System Construction Kit that's mentioned in the appendix of the book.

Another cool thing was at QNX where I found a bug in Intel's P-II and P-III cpu's (errata item E80).

At Apple I have worked on a number of different things. I added journaling to HFS+, started the Spotlight project (MacOS X desktop search), was pretty heavily involved in TimeMachine and TimeCapsule, and the first version of iCloud "Documents and Data". Somewhere in there I also wrote a file system that never shipped (the design wasn't that great). Now I'm back in the world of file systems and I'm one of the engineers working on Apple's new file system, APFS. I enjoy working at Apple a lot.

I like travelling too. A long time ago I went on a trip around the world with my wife, Maria. If you click on the link you can see pictures from the trip and read about it. The pictures are ok, the story is kinda boring though (unless you're Maria or me :).

We've also been to South America, Central America, and Africa on other trips. Travelling the world, experiencing different cultures, meeting people, and seeing how people live in different places is very enjoyable to me.

I like cycling, especially climbing big hills and difficult road races. When I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area my best time up Old La Honda was 16:55 (on 8/11/12). A long long time ago I rode up Mt. Diablo in 53:14. I've raced in the pro class a few times and quickly learned that there is no way all men are created equal.

I like cycling enough to also be co-owner of a bike shop, Busytown Bikes, in Lewiston, ME. The shop opened March 18, 2013 and is doing pretty well. The shop carries bikes for everyone: road, mountain, commuter, hybrid/comfort, and kids bikes.